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Investment Fund

"Entropia Universe is an advanced 3D online virtual environment with a developed planetary system and one universal Real Cash Economy system. Each planet offers a wide variety of exciting entertainment. You can travel between the planets through space and socialize with people from all over the world."

- excerpt from web site.

Become a part of a success story. Chiee's Entropia Fund is privately owned and managed. Our central mission is to support players at low and medium levels allowing them access to high yield investments which would otherwise be impossible. Investments include land areas, deeds and a variety of services. Revenue model is based on taxes and interests which provide a steady cash flow around the year.

Basic background information and details about current events are available on this web site. In addition we are offering support in-game and online via Discord chat with an average of 16 hours daily availability - weekends included. Everyone in our support team is a fund investor, so you can rely on getting quick, accurate and useful information from motivated people.

Our Land Areas

Royal Club (East)
Royal Club (West)
Berycled (Stalker)
Atami's Proteron Paradise
Proteron & Chomper (Medium)
Winter Park
Exarosaur Young
Bakunawa Island
F.O.M.A. BioDome #9
Proteron Pasture
Proteron Young


We have sponsored Entrolympic events back in 2018 and now, we're proudly presenting...